Listed are the posts for July 2008.


Dear Sirs,
We want to remind everyone that BFB, Blectum from Blechdom, the entity from the domain, the dual dip of Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum, who are often mistaken for each other but are actually two distinct biological organisms of slightly different shapes, is currently a functional and productive entity.
You seem to have found your [...]


Thousands of snauses escaped from the secret Latabory late last night due to a turbulent electrical storm unlocking their top secret cages. If you are missing any toes or experience any delusional visions of mallards, please contact the appropriate snaus authorities immediately. Please be especially cautious in or around toilets.

hellogoner worglodgonner

Blectum from Blechdom are back in case you forgot or haven’t heard yet.

BFB back atya